Reflection on happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. The wish for happiness comes from the most basic motivation of wanting greater wellbeing for ourselves. Everything we do or say is based on a desire deep within to bring relief or improve our internal state.

Even people who tend to be grumpy act that way because they think it makes them feel better. Even misguided actions that lead to more suffering come from an attempt to increase our feelings of wellbeing.

The problem is we often don’t realize what leads to genuine happiness and what leads to suffering. 

This is why it’s so important to understand where true happiness lies, and the conditions that support it. With this understanding we can consciously activate our deep-seated wish to increase our wellbeing, knowing that we are pointing ourselves in the right direction. 

As babies we come into this world with a natural joy. A baby that has her basic needs met – she’s been fed, changed, rested and receives loving attention – often squeals with delight at life. We were all that baby at one time.

We don’t have to look for wellbeing outside of ourselves. It’s right inside us, waiting to be remembered, accessed and awakened!